Indulge yourself and "recharge your batteries". Our elegant little spa with its beautiful heated stone flooring offers fragrant essences, relaxing warmth and a stylish ambience. Treat yourself to rest and relaxation. As our guests, you can exclusively reserve alone-time in the sauna without additional costs. Our traditional Finnish sauna can be heated up to 90 degrees centigrade with adjustable humidity from 0-20%. Our tepidarium offers a soothing radiant heat and can also be used for herbal steam bathing. Up to 60-degree centigrade heat and 25-55% humidity provide for perfect relaxation.

In addition to our traditional Kneipp-hose showers, we also offer a multi-sensory shower. Here you can enjoy a variety of intensities and variations. Indulge yourself with a "fog nebula", "tropical rain" or "Caribbean storm" shower and choose between refreshing coolness and soothing warmth. You will also be enchanted by coloured-light and fragrance compositions. Rest to relaxing music in our comfortable loungers or enjoy the fresh North Sea air via direct access to our spacious hotel garden.


Landhaus Altes Pastorat
25938 Süderende/Föhr
Phone +49 . 46 83 . 226
Fax +49 . 46 83 . 250

Unique moments
in a historic setting

Landhaus Altes Pastorat is a
4-star hotel in the town of Süderende on the island of Föhr in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park.