The island is home to three medieval protestant churches from the 12th and 13th centuries. St. Johannes Church in Nieblum is an elaborately decorated brick building and the largest church on the island, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Friesendom (Frisian Cathedral). Its magnificent three-wing altar and detailed pulpit are well worth a visit. The local St. Laurentii Church in Süderende is located just a short walk from our "Altes Pastorat" hotel. Here too, a visit to the church and the cemetery with its old tombstones is well worthwhile. St. Nicolai Church in Wyk-Boldixum is adorned with a colourful, late-Gothic ceiling painting and an impressive statue of the patron saint of sailors, St. Nikolaus. One must also visit the cemetery with its "talking tombstones". These gravestones are filled with words and pictures telling of the lives of sailors and whalers.

Lembecksburg owes its name to the nobleman Klaus Lembeck, who defended himself here against the invading Danish King Waldemar IV. What remains of it today is a circular rampart embankment originally built by Vikings near the town of Borgsum.

The "Vogelkojen", or duck decoy structures, were used to catch waterfowl. Following in the footsteps of the Dutch, artificial lakes were created on the island of Föhr in the 18th century. A person who manned these lakes would use duck decoys to attract ducks. They were then lured into fenced-in, hose-like water channels where they were captured and slain. In good years, up to 67,000 ducks were caught using this method in Oevenum alone. The salted meat was exported in barrels as a delicacy. Six of these duck decoy structures still exist and can be visited today. A little excursion to the duck decoy structure in Boldixum is especially rewarding.


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