Föhr offers one of the most beautiful golf courses in Northern Germany. A beautiful old stand of trees surrounds the traditional and challenging course. Those who would like to try something a bit wilder may have fun at the Cross Golf course "Oevenum". We will be glad to reserve golf time slots for you.

Golf Club Föhr: www.golfclubfoehr.de | "Oevenum" Cross Golf course: www.fiete-foehr-cup.de

The island is home to approximately 850 horses. Equestrians and enthusiasts should take advantage of this while they're here. Riding on the island of Föhr is a special experience as there's so much to see and who hasn't dreamed of riding along the edge of the sea on horseback. We will be glad to organize riding time slots for you.

Felt ball enthusiasts will find tennis courts in Wyk, Nieblum and Süderende. Wyk and Süderende also have indoor tennis courts. We will be glad to reserve a court for you.

The North Frisian Islands provide a wealth of excellent areas for all water sports enthusiasts from beginners to pros. Courses are offered by various schools in Wyk, Utersum and Nieblum. We will be happy to book sailing, windsurfing or kitesurfing lessons for you.

Surfschule Nieblum: www.nws-foehr.de | Windsurfing Föhr: www.windsurfing-foehr.com | WassersportCenter: www.schapers.net 

The good network of roads and paths through a varied landscape is perfect for this type of endurance sport. Enjoy the fresh air. In doing so, you'll pass dunes, heathland, fields and dykes. Cyclists and inline skaters can look forward to a 144-kilometre-long network of cycling paths, which winds its way to the island's most beautiful sites. You'll find more information pertaining to paths from 13 to 36 kilometres long at the website: www.foehr.de You'll also find a list of various bicycle rental services on this site. Trips with a tandem bike are particularly exciting for children.

We'll be glad to help organize bikes, equipment and maps of the island.


Landhaus Altes Pastorat
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Unique moments
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Landhaus Altes Pastorat is a
4-star hotel in the town of Süderende on the island of Föhr in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park.