Are you seeking to relieve stress and do something truly good for your body and soul? Wyk has been a seaside resort and spa since 1819. The island's healthy climate attracted the Danish king in the 19th century as well as the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen and later on the writer Christian Morgenstern. Numerous wellness offerings on the island of Föhr provide for well-being, relaxation and enjoyment. These include massage, health resort treatment, meditation, sauna, aroma treatment, Ayurveda, lymph drainage, acupuncture, face masks, acupressure, shiatsu, tai chi, qi gong, moor mud pack treatment and more. Thalassotherapy deserves special mention here. This type of treatment uses the healing power of the sea. The interaction between the maritime climate, sea water, silt, sand and algae stimulates the autonomic nervous system. A therapeutic stay serves to relieve chronic respiratory and musculoskeletal ailments, while helping your body cleanse itself and develop antibodies. Of course you should not miss out on also taking advantage of our in-house spa.

Do the kids want to have fun in the water, but you just want to relax? AQUAFÖHR is a pleasure regardless of the weather conditions. It offers a giant slide and a beautiful indoor swimming pool as well as a jacuzzi, sauna and spa. For more information, visit


Landhaus Altes Pastorat
25938 Süderende/Föhr
Phone +49 . 46 83 . 226
Fax +49 . 46 83 . 250

Unique moments
in a historic setting

Landhaus Altes Pastorat is a
4-star hotel in the town of Süderende on the island of Föhr in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park.